The School of
Conceptual Clay

Advanced Level

Project #2: Network Terra Cotta

Goal of This Project

The goal of the Advanced level of instruction is to create a network of SoCC graduates in order to advance the public acceptance of Conceptual Clay and its proponents.

The graduates of SoCC believe in a rapid shift from analog processes in the arts and crafts to a conceptual model using digital technology and ideas. By joining in the advanced networking level, you will be able to link up with other graduates to share ideas and exchange techniques.


1. Set up a SoCC Grad webpage for yourself.

  1. You need web access.
  2. There are many commercial websites who will provide you with free web server space and tools to help you build a webpage in exchange for advertising. Try The Globe, Tripod, Geocities, or Xoom.
  3. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Remember: it is the "ideas" that are important.

2. Link your webpage to the SoCC homepage.

  1. Your website should link to
  2. If you have trouble with this, there are many references on the web and books on html that will help you out. Remember: your an advanced student now and M.River & T.Whid expect you do to a bit of independent study.
  3. Email M.River & T.Whid the address of your site after it's complete and linked to the SoCC homepage so we can share your research with other graduates.
  4. Everyone completing Advanced Level study will receive, after review by M.River & T.Whid, a Diploma from the School of Conceptual Clay.

3. Independent Study

  1. M.River & T.Whid encourage the development of new techniques and processes in the field of Conceptual Clay.
  2. Share these techniques and processes with other graduates by visiting their links from this page.

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