Website Unseen Ordering Information

Upon receiving 100 dollars American (cash or check), MTAA will begin work on the Website Unseen Title. MTAA will deliver the Artwork, all code and related media files, on a compact disk along with a Certificate of Authenticity in a timely manner depending on demand (no longer than 6 months). MTAA reserve the right to publicly exhibit any and all Website Unseen Artworks for an indefinite period of time following completion of any Website Unseen Title. The collector shares the right to publicly exhibit the Website Unseen Title they have commissioned. MTAA will certify only the collector's copy of the Artwork and the collector will own the only CERTIFIED copy of the Artwork.

Note: Before you order, please review the Website Unseen License Agreement .

To order your Website Unseen, contact M. River & T. Whid Art Associates by email:

Inform MTAA of the potential website you are interested in commissioning.

Prices and availability may change at any time without notification upon this website.
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