Why would I want TIME!®

TIME!® is an opportunity for art collectors, artists, new media professionals, art students, graphic designers, computer programmers, and anyone interested in digital culture and contemporary art to own new art at an affordable price. Listen to what these folks have to say about TIME!®:

Park Won, Art Historian

"I was intrigued with TIME!® being an example of artists using the internet as an appropriate and flexible stage for performance. The invitation to collaborate on a performance is done in a transparent form without the usual techie-digital-worship nonsense. It is a refreshing use of new media."

Erk Troflink, Futurologist

"As we begin to envision communication and human relations within a digital future, it becomes necessary to rethink the malleable nature of memory. As the day approaches when all interactions in life are recorded and stored for possible retrieval, our relation to the idea of 'the past' will be altered. I found the TIME!® project an excellent vehicle for considering this moment of change."

Maggie Maryson, contemporary artist

"I was interested in TIME!®'s relation to traditional portraiture. Using Non-Spectator performance as it's format and digital media as it's framework, TIME!® gave me a portrait not only of myself, but also of the social architecture of the internet. Not bad for two bucks."

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