MT Enterprises Inter Department Memo February 2001

To: T. Whid, Senior Associate
cc: P. Erl, J. Crow, Junior Associates
From: M. River, Senior Associate

It seems that the pixel is the smallest graphical unit of measurement of the web.
It is winter in New York and I've been walking around the city at night again. The city has been speaking to me of its sadness. It tells me of its loss. The mass of the net has become larger than the Empire State. The light of the pixel now outshines the fiberoptics of Times Square. The city calls to me, "... I was your indivisible truth. I was the reality that you could not comprehend. I was your love. Now, you stare at dust like lights in some perverted sense of awe. You are fucking me over for another."
Resolution is now measured by pixel per square inch