Hey...Ummm...Gee...I didn't mean to say that about your: boyfriend / girlfriend / mom / dad / day job / artwork / sexual prowess / cooking / new shoes / age / hair / best friend / cat's sudden tragic death / penis size / breast size / lame party / musical taste / wonderful child / new dress /house keeping / lack of academic education / or your sad life in general...  

This web page was made by the artist collaborative MTAA (M.River & T.Whid Art Associates)


note: our friend carrol says that <blink> and <strike> tags (the thingies in the source code of this page that makes the word " SORRY " look the way it does) are "so 1997 for ten minutes". Also T Whid thinks that fat borders on cells (like around this box ) are ugly.

Welcome to MTAA's Home Page for the Haphazard.

NOTE FROM T.WHID: I don't think mriver realizes that the <blink> tag doesn't work in microsoft's internet explorer. if you want to see the wonder of the <blink> tag, look at it in navigator.