Website Unseen #68
commissioned by The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art
Sunderland, United Kingdom
Once upon a time, in a small country, in a small village, in a small factory, MTAA made net art. Each morning M River and T Whid would wake up, make a large pot of coffee, boot up the factory computers and go to work. At 5 o'clock, when the factory whistle blew, they would look at the art they had made, smile, nod and head off to the town pub. In the pub they would find other net artist relaxing after a long day of work. All the artists would sit around the pub's hearth and exchange stories of all the wonderful things they had made that day. Late at night, as the moon began to play hide and seek amongst the night clouds, MTAA would head home from the pub to rest their heads and dream of the next day.

This continued until someone started talking about marketing plans.