Art Project #9 (August 1998)

Mriver & T.Whid Art Associates proudly present:
The Direct to Your Home Art Projects!

We at M.River and T.Whid Art Associates know how hard it can be to create play time in one's hectic schedule. With your day gigs, studio time, art openings, lectures, museum visits, and other cultural happenings it can be hard to get out and enjoy the summer (or winter for our freinds in the southern hemisphere). Giving our collectors a semi-acceptable excuse to head into the great outdoors is important to M.River & T.Whid.

Yes, it's earth art time! And you aren't required to survey the site from a helicopter.

So put on some sun block and try out Project #9.

Direct to Your Home Art Project #9 (August 1998)

Follow these simple steps to collect contemporary earth art:

  1. Make an excursion to your favorite beach, sand box, or desert.
  2. Write or print in the sand: "The Kingdom by the sea could not hold Anabel Lee." (use your finger or a stick)
  3. As documentation :
a) Take some sand home with you (send some sand to us for our files)
b) Take a photo of your sand sculpture (send us a copy)
c) or you can do both!


Documentation may be in hard or digital form. Please include name, address, and label your documentation Project #9 ( August 1998.)

Send digital documentation to:

Send hard copy documentation to:

Direct to Your Home Art Projects
39 Ainslie 2L
Brooklyn, New York 11211


*editioning policy*

The Art Projects are posted on the first of every month. All documentation we receive during that month constitutes the edition. ie: if we received 3 submissions for Project #2 December 1998, the edition is three. Your official Certificate of Authenticity will then be numbered: 1/3, 2/3 etc. If you submit documentation after the month is over your Certificate is designated as an Artist's Proof (AP).

collection of R. Fontenot
click for detailed image