Art Project #5 (March 1998)

Mriver & T.Whid Art Associates proudly present:
The Direct to Your Home Art Projects!

(note: Due to overwhelming response requesting a paperless art project, we proudly present Art Project #5 (March 1998))

  • Has discomfort with turning off your fluorescent light installation at night led to sleep deprivation?
  • Have you suffered any seizures as a result of your strobing stack of vintage television moniters?
  • Has your newly aquired neon hangman figure just aggravated these problems?

We at Mriver and Twhid want to ease your pain with our new line of Direct to Your Home Art Projects. All you need to do is follow the easy to install instructions found below, then send us documentation of your results. Upon receiving your documentation of the project, we will send you a signed certificate of authenticity. It's simple and better yet, it's FREE.

Direct to Your Home Art Projects #5 (March 1998)

  1. On a new lightbulb, with a permanent black magic marker, write the phrase: "Thomas Edison never slept. (here)"
  2. Install the bulb in the main light fixture which illuminates your work area.
  3. Use the bulb as you normally would.
  4. When the lightbulb burns out, throw it away.
  5. Repeat step #1.

Documentation may be in hard or digital form. Please include name, address, and label your documentation Project #5 March 1998.

Send digital documentation to:

Send hard copy documentation to:

Direct to Your Home Art Projects
39 Ainslie 2L
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Art Project #5 was collected by no one. This makes it one of the most valuable of the projects.