A Brief Statement From MTAA:

In November of 1997 M.River & T.Whid Art Associates launched the Direct to Your Home Art Projects (DYHAP) as a way to ease the sometimes burdensome and costly task of collecting contemporary art.

Begining on November First, 1997 and continuing for one year, a monthly Direct to Your Home Art Project was sent out by email to listservs (Rhizome, Fluxlist and American Express) as well as to the DYHAP mailing list. Each email contained instructions on how to fabricate and install artwork in ones own living space. In exchange for documentation of the installed artwork (please refer to DYHAP licensing agreement and editioning policy) each collector of a DYHAP received an official signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

This web site is intended to be an archive for collectors of the project as well as a document for public interest. We at MTAA would like to thank all of the collectors who participated during the year. We would also like to encourage those who explore this site to contact us about the work. Although this stage of the DYHAP has come to its completion, we will continue to offer DYHAP projects for future collectors. Just send us an email and we'll cook something up for you.

MTAA would like to thank Rhizome for encouraging us to use their stage. We would also like to thank Carol Stakenas at Creative Time for her guidance and support of public art (wherever that public space may lead).

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