MTAA, bodyatomic and DJ tinydiva Proudly Present:

DC 9/11 - The Evildoers' Remix

dump bush


DC 9/11 - EDR
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content advisory: contains explicit sexual material (those scenes between Condi and George can get pretty hot).

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DC 9/11 - The Evildoers' Remix is a guerilla edit of the pro-Bush propaganda film "DC 9/11 - A Time of Crisis," The video is a collaboration between new media art duo MTAA, video artist bodyatomic and musician/DJ tinydiva.

Using careful editing, on-screen commentary, new special effects, added footage, and an original musical score "DC 9/11 - The Evildoers' Remix" exposes the not-so-subtle right-wing spin of its source material in hilarious and disturbing ways.

DC 9/11 - The Evildoers' Remix: LIVE Screening

Monday, August 30th, 8PM

Postmasters gallery
459 West 19th St. (at 10th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011

The video will be screened with live audio accompaniment by tinydiva to coincide with it's web release. The screening is part of RNC NODE organized by Postmasters gallery. For more information:

More art and info: (MTAA)