The School of
Conceptual Clay

Beginning Level

Project #1: Desktop Terra Cotta

Tools Needed For This Project:

  1. Macintosh Computer with Mac OS 8.x installed. (If you have an earlier system, you can still do the project, but some of the instructions will not work.)
  2. An image editing program, like PhotoShop.
  3. Access to the internet.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. How to "THROW" the Desktop Terra Cotta:

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Select the trash can icon on your desktop (click it once, it will look darker.)
  3. Go to the FILE pull down menu, select Make Alias. If the Make Alias command is grayed out, be sure you have the trash can selected. Now you should have another trash can icon on your desktop with the name "Trash Alias".

2. How to "GLAZE" the Desktop Terra Cotta:

  1. While in the Finder, pull down the EDIT menu and select preferences. The preferences dialog box will pop-up.
  2. Click on the color swatch next to "Project 1". The Color Picker dialog box will pop-up.
  3. Choose the HTML picker.
  4. Set it to 996633, or another color you like, hit OK.
  5. Select the Trash Alias icon
  6. Go to the FILE pull-down menu, pull down the Label menu, select "Project #1" which has your color swatch next to it.

3. How to "FIRE" the Desktop Terra Cotta:

  1. Click on your newly glazed Trash Alias icon.
  2. Rename the icon "Made of Clay".
  3. Drag the icon to a prominent place on your desktop and take a screen shot. (you take a screen shot by hitting shift+command+3 at the same time.)
  4. Open your screen shot in an image editing program and crop it down to a suitable size.
  5. save it as a jpeg called <yourname>clay.jpeg.
  6. Register your project with MT Art Associates. Instructions are on the next page.

Register your Desktop Terra Cotta with MTAA