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THE M.RIVER & T.WHID tour is a welcoming gesture in which M.River and T.Whid hope to dispel the feeling some new gallery visitors have that the staff is cold or snobbish.

We also invite you to fill out the comment form at the end of this page. We will incorporate your comments into the narrative of the tour so future visitors will feel as if they are exploring the galleries with a large and lively group.

A very large glass door opens and you find yourself in the office of the V-TAV.

M River - Hello, welcome to the current group show at the V-TAV. Come on in.

T Whid - For the spring show, entitled The ADs Shows (AKA Advanced Dating Services), we are presenting our ever growing set of personal ads from artists. So get your mental yellow highlighter and scissors ready.

M River - Along with the personal ads, we have a written work by one38 Infoslut entitled July 5th, 1998 in the new "V-TAV Text Project Space." This work, which may be thought of as an ode to commercialism runs as a counter-point (or maybe hand in hand) with the ADS show.

T Whid - We will have more to say about one38 later in the tour but let's begin with the ADs

M River - step this way please...(pointing to door marked fire exit)

Before you, in the bright spring sunlight are 12 very large billboards. They are arranged side by side in a straight line moving away from you like box cars on a train. Each is completely white with small black print.

T Whid - The ADs are personal ads form artists that we have been collecting for the past year.

M River - We've presented the ADs as a slide show loop at Art in General (NYC), 4Walls (Brooklyn) and the Kitchen (NYC). We hope to continue to collect and present personal advertisments from artists in various public spaces. So if you would like to write an ADs or if you have a venue or event that needs some Artainment, drop us a line.

T Whid - Yes please do. We promise not to reveal names and if we get responses to your ad , we'll send them to you with our best wishes.

M River - Oh yeah, one more thing before we get to the work, If you would like to respond to an ADS and would like the response kept private (ie. not posted in the V-TAV) please note it on your email.

T Whid - So with out further comment...the ADs

(the sun sets and the billboard lights flicker on)

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