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A Guided Tour with M.River and T.Whid


The M.River and T.Whid tour is meant to be a welcoming gesture in which M.River and T.Whid hope to dispel the feeling some new gallery visitors have that the staff is cold or snobbish.

We also invite you to fill out the comment form at the end of this page. We will incorporate your comments into the narrative of the tour so future visitors will feel as if they are exploring the galleries with a large and lively group.


(Walking through a very large glass door you see M.River and T.Whid reclining on a very large couch in front of a very large fireplace in their very large office)

M.River(waving hello) Hey! come in out of the cold and have a seat in front of the fire.

T.Whid(rising to shake your hand) Yeah, take a load off and kick up your feet.

M.River(offering you a toasted mashmellow on a stick, fresh from the fire) Thanks for stopping by the V-TAV. This is our second show and it features the work of our digital friend Cary Peppermint.

T.Whid We met peppermint online during the Port show. M.River and I were performing "Buying Time: The Nostalgia-Free History Sale" and Cary decided to buy his TIME!®, and that's when we first met. We liked peppermint right away when we learned his performance for Port consisted of cu-seeme video-conferancing, a wooden box, a telephone, and a live chicken. It was called "Conductor#1."

M.River(laughing so hard he drops his marshmallow on a stick back into the fire) Oh Lord, we knew right away we had found someone in the net.art world we understood.

T.Whid Anyway, we started to email him about digital art. A few months went by and what do you know?.. peppermint moves from upstate New York to little ole Brooklyn.

M.River Yup, not only a digital neighbor but a real world one as well.

T.Whid So lets head on into the galleries and see what peppermint is showing.

Click to view "Please Read"

M.River This tour of peppermint's work is kinda like looking at the stuff laid out in a garage sale.

T.Whid Each work holds its own meaning and at the same time may be seen as a part of the whole.

M.River In this first work, peppermint seems to lay down his drum track. In other words: identity as possible fiction - possible reality is the vehicle on which peppermint operates. This malleable, modular self known as peppermint is the underlying form of his work

T.Whid Uhhh...hey M.River, I know it's going to hard, but try not to slip into peppermint speak during the tour.

M.River Oh yeah...sorry it's just that peppermint speak is a seductive language. Okay, right this way to the next gallery.


T.Whid In this room, peppermint engages with 138Infoslut about life and art in the media world and whether it's better to be in the ivory tower, or slogging away in the streets.

M.River "Like dressing up as your favorite teletubbie and performing open heart surgery..?" Well, I guess we all need to find a way around the modern condition and peppermint seems to be asking 138Infoslut and us for a mending of media and meaning. We at the MTAA wish him luck.

T.Whid On to gallery 3 (careful the walls are freshly painted).


M.River peppermint now names his action, you might say that if "Please Read" was the drum track, this work is the ambient electronics. He presents some of the methods in his art/life.

T.Whid The notion that we are in a state of Restless Culture intrigues us at MTAA. If peppermint is right about late 20th century economics putting art and culture into a twitching state of suspended animation then we come up to the big "IF then, what..?"

M.River peppermint's work may be the about "then what..?" (but lets keep going and see how he ends up).

Click to view "URGING ME ON"

T.Whid As if to answer this question, peppermint gives us an appropriated hero. Not your Jackson Pollack or Gandi-type hero, but someone (gender/age unknown) being generous - both towards people they know and people in the larger community.

M.River A simple statement, but in the context of art an unusual one. The foil to this sentiment might be that we've read to much into peppermint's intentions. But the style of peppermint's work tends to ask us to indulge a little.

T.Whid Speaking of over-indulgance lets go see peppermint misbehave in gallery five.


M.River Yee-HA...Spam weapons! peppermint's art is sometimes played out on the text-based stages known as listservs. I like to think of them (especially ones about net.art) as quirky, never-ending seminars.

T.Whid Yeah, peppermint likes to play the kid who sits in the back making paper airplanes but coming up with the pithy questions and acing all the tests. A real smart-ass.

M.River Hey, this is a good point to mention that you really should go check out his web site. It'll give ya a good idea of his sense of humor. Good stuff

T.Whid And speaking of good stuff, let's go take a look in gallery six.


M.River Well this one is all yours T.Whid...( M.River muses to himself, 'looks like it might be time for mental arm wrestling'.)

T.Whid Sorry to disappoint you M.River, but I have no argument with peppermint. I would only like to make this comment: this piece, its form that is, illustrates peppermint's position as "DJ of Life", mixing the documentation of performances over the internet; performances that the viewers, the participants, perhaps even the artist aren't aware are happening. Since the interactions are documented in ones INbox, one is able to loot one's past, to mix it differently, to create a new work.

I like to think we are helping to do this with the V-TAV, and I am as of now dubbing myself DJ Cure8.

M.River Okay, I'll buy that. Lets go outside to our spacious Sculpture patio to see the next work (oh, yes...smoking is allowed out here..feel free).

Click to view "BUILDING"

T.Whid Don't know what to make of this one to tell the truth.

M.River He almost seems to be taking a pot-shot at himself. Well, lets all just stand back and look at the "self called Building" (hey T. Whid, can I bum a smoke?)

T.Whid Ummm...sorry, I have only one left. (long deep silence on the out door sculpture patio, under a blue sky, thinking about Building)

Okay, lets head back in and see the final piece.


M.River Now that the manner of peppermint's work is set in motion, it looks as if he's seeking like-minded and consenting others to join him in the fun.

T.Whid And as a perfect end to his show he leaves us thinking: "Oh, all the fun we will have hereafter"--quickly committing this transmission to forgetfulness and getting off on the ahistorical values of our excited endeavor. Yes, purer thoughts have never before been expressed at the V-TAV.

M.River Quite true...Thanks peppermint and a job well done.

T.Whid Before we go, lets take a look in the email bag (cleaning his large glass monocle in order to read the email printed on fine archival parchment paper) Hey M.River! Its a note from your folks...(T.Whid reads) "I come before you to stand behind you to tell you I don`t know what I'm talking about, however, I found it 'a pleasant time' at the V-TAV. The tour was quite helpful in that it lent space to your non-visual gallery. We subscribed so as to catch the next show. I like Peppermint so it should be a good one. Love Dad (AKA: Popcornball) and Mom (AKA: Mother)

M.River Hey Great, Mom and Dad, thanks for writing and I hope you did enjoy peppermint's work. See y'all next month for a Dave Colosi's show.

T.Whid Yeah See ya, and don't forget to stop in at the Sales Department before you leave.

(M.River and T.Whid wave so long, and retire to their offices)"

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